Delete machines


we are trying to delete some machines from the catalogue since we have to run a test.
We have to create (duplicate) the machine pages to verify a bug (we sent you an email already on that topic).

We would like to delete the oldest pages of the machines, but fabmanager says that someone has already booked therefore it is not possible to delete it.

Those machines pages have past bookings but they are disabled. We would like to remove them completely from the catalogue now, otherwise we will have too many duplicated pages (both active or disabled).

Should it be possible to delete them from the database? do you have suggestions or instructions on how to do it?

@sofiapetraglio is here to follow the thread.

thank you.

Hi Serena,

I’m affraid this is not possible because we need to keep track of all resources used to made reservations. This is required because we must be able to regenerate any data from the past elsewere in fab-manager, for example, we can regenerate statistics or invoices from those past reservations; if we delete those machines, we won’t be able to know what was reserved at the time of the reservation. As an improvement, maybe we can add an option to hide completely some unused resources from the interface but right now the best you can do is disable the concerned machines.


Hi Sylvain,

clear. We had this bug about the reservation and at one point we thought it was cause of the machines listed also as disabled.
If it is not possible to delete the old machines we will just disable them.

thank you so much for the feedback.

Hi Serena,

Starting with Fab-manager v5.5.5, you’ll be able to « soft delete » machines with existing reservations. To use it, juste delete the machine you don’t want anymore, as you would normally do and it will be hidden anywhere.

Best regards,