Admin tab with booking slots summary


I am using Fab Manager with a self-hosted docker installation. I had written issues in the past (under oscgonfer) on the Github repository, but probably in the forum is a better place to ask for this.

I would like to know if it’s possible within Fab Manager to get an admin overview of the booked/available slots and a way to manage them, in case of conflict or other needs. Basically, we are looking for an easy way (maybe it’s the public agenda, but we are not sure), in which a space administrator can see all booked slots of a (set of) machines and potentially move, cancel or modify them.

Is this possible to some extent within Fab manager?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Oscar,

I tkink the admin calendar is the best place to get what you need. You can have a full overview of all availables slots and manage existing reservations. From there, you can also export all availabilities to an excel file which may provide you a better overview and allows filtering (if you know how to deal with excel filtering capabilities).


I think I am missing something, but I guess it’s related to a newer version?

On the admin calendar of the demo I can the Filter Calendar > Slots with reservations.
However, on our deployment I don’t see the same feature.

Is it because of the priviledges of the user (shouldn’t be, I am admin), the version, or a setting somewhere?
Thank you!

Hi @oscar-fablabbcn,

This feature was released with Fab-manager v5.6.0 so if your version is below that you must upgrade to benefit from it.