Delete published event


how do I delete events?
I publish an event and i signed up to make tests, but now it seems that:

  • the admin cannot delete the event because some users signed up
  • the users cannot delete the registration to the event…

Is it correct or there is not feature to delete the event after publishing.

thanks for the support.

Hi Serena,

You cannot delete an event when members have booked it. But, if your event is recurrent, you can move the booking of a member to another slot (as admin : events registration > click on an event > select the member > choose « change » and select another date in the popup that appears. When you have moved everyone, you’ll be able to delete the event. Users can do it themself if they want to change their reservations.

Also, starting with fab-manager v4.3, to be release in some days, you’ll be able to cancel event reservations (and users too, according to the reservations configuration).

Have a nice day

Hi Sylvain, thanks a lot.
I do not see any pop up after I select the member.

I will wait for the next release for the new features.


My explanation was probably not so clear, so here’s a video overview of how to proceed:

We probably have another version because if I select the event member the label "Change"does not appear in the popup. Maybe @Dzanin can check it out.

Anyway, thank you for for the support.

If you don’t see the « change » link, then you’re probably viewing a non-recurrent event (so you can’t move the reservation for it). Anyway, you’ll be able to cancel them all with the next version.

Thank you, yes, it is a not recurrent event.

Sorry, to use the same thread, but we realized that the fabmanager website is full of links that send to spam pages (on chrome and also mobile). Please check.

Thanks for advising, we’ll check that!