Deploy Fabmanger in subdirectory


I’m tring deploy Fabmanager in a subdirectory, for example, my URL should be http://localhost:3000/fabmanager, my question is how to do this? I tried move the project to subdirectory and change config.action_controller.relative_url_root and config.action_controller.asset_host, but failed and didn’t load assets.

Anyone can help me?


Hi Alex,

I’m afraid that moving the project in a subdirectory won’t help.
In production (with docker), I think that you can achieve this using a server block in your nginx configuration. See a documentation here.

If you intend to run multiple rails app on your local development machine, the recommended way is to use different ports for each apps. To run fab-manager on port 4000, for example, you could start it with: foreman s -p 4000.

Have a nice day,

i will do the same,
put it in a subdirectory, but i didn’t have tried it yet.

my probleme is not to run multiple rails app,
but juste keep my server well organised !
(because i have on it :

  • roundcube (webmail)
  • galette (customer management)
  • wordpress (website)
  • owncloud (synchronized files over multiple desktop)
  • virtual reality tour
  • database management
  • and other stuff.

each one has their own index.php files…
guess the rapid mess it can be…
and the nightmare for updates…
(all software are not has simple as wordpress…)

Thanks @Sylvain, but after a many tries with nginx i decided use in differents ports and solved my problems.

Tks for help me.