Hello and thanks from Cáceres :-)


my name is Antonio Gordillo, researcher and professor in the University of Extremadura. Physics, computers, electronics… I do lots of funny things! :smiley:

We are enjoying a fablab space in Cáceres (Spain) since 2014 (called Smart Open Lab, @SolEpcc on twitter) and we still need a good web page to give diffusion to our activities and help us with the management. We tried three differents web types and none of them matches our needs!

Fab Manager seems a brilliant alternative. We have struggled installing it, but last week I managed to mount everything in local :heart_eyes:. Now I will pass to the server… Surely, we will translate it to spanish and share (I will ask how).

I will told you! Many, many thanks for the good work and congratulations to all people involved!

All the best,

Hello Antonio and welcome to this board !

We really appreciate your feedback on and we’re looking forward to see Fab Manager translated into Spanish : great news !

I’ll let @sleede provide you with details about the translation process.

Tell us please when your Fab Manager is up and running :slight_smile:

Welcome to the fab-manager community Spain !

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