Hello Fab-Manager!

Hello everyone and happy new year!

I’ve been a member of various hacker/makerspaces for the past 20 years or so, most of them in the US. I’ve relocated to Greece recently and joined Athens Makerspace. One, out of only two, hacker/makerpsaces that are currently open and operational in Athens.

We’ve just made it through our second year of operation and are looking to get out of the excel-sheet madness :confounded:. As such, we’re looking for software to help us manage the daily operations of our fab lab.

I am testing fab-manager for the past few days and I’d love to make it fit in our model. I am currently reading a lot about fab-manager (my French skills are non-existent and I have to run most of the discussions here through Google Translate :dizzy_face:) and I will probably ask for your thoughts and help in English, so please bare with me.

Again, congratulations for fab-manager and a happy new year!

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Hello Funk,
Are you a g[r]eek ?
(Sorry, easy one…)

Welcome !
It’s greek to see you here !
I will enjoy to help you as much as i can, if you need help. We are a lot of english speaker, so don’t lost time to translate french, it’s our fault to speack french, so ask your question, we will be glad to answer, or send you link about previous topic you may need.

Good morning @clemclem and everyone

Yes, my blood is half-Greek, half-British but the geek(y) part covers both :grin:. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the US so a cultural mess is taken for granted :joy:

Thanks for the welcoming tone, I intend to help you with the translation of both en-US and el-gr as soon as I get the production docker ready for extended testing.

You know, translating is just text to text in a row/column/excel sheet.
Its faster to work with just raw data, than in situation. And if you have a doubt, you can still go to the démo on the website.