Last version functionalities


Hope you are all safe. I am writing here because I do not know where to check the last version updates.

I was wondering if in the last version you have integrated some new functionalities related to the registration.
Once I saw a version of fabmanager with a registration form featuring a token field.
This field allows to block registrations from users that are not part of our organization.
At the moment, everyone can access and register to the platform.

Can you tell me if this feature is part the last version.
thanks a lot

Hi @serenalugano,

You can check if a new version was released at the « releases » page, on GitHub. If you want to know what exactly changed for each versions, you can take a look at the changelog.

We don’t have any registration restrictions for now (like based on the email domain), the only things are : you can restrict the access of the platform to users that have validated their email address and you can add a captcha validation step for new registrations.

Anyway, if you’re interested in requesting a new feature for FM, please create a new entry (or vote for an existing) on the roadmap/feedback platform.

Have a nice day