Mail notification problem (SSL?)

Good morning,
I have a problem about mail notification (I think that a user after registration will receive a mail).
So I tried to configure the env file in this way:


because in my thunderbird client the mail work with these settings:
Server Name:
Port: 465
User Name:
Authentication method: Encrypted password
Connection security: SSL/TLS.

I read this : Action Mailer Basics — Ruby on Rails Guides from github documentation so I’m not sure about how I set SSL, and If smtp auth should be plain.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much in advice

Hi Dzanin,

I’m not sure what Authentication method: Encrypted password means for thunderbird but I’m pretty sure it’s not the equivalent of :plain. I think it may work with :login, but if it’s not, you can give a try with :cram_md5.

Have a nice day

I tried with login and also cram_md5 but nothing happens. Is it correct to set ssl with:
Because the mail in my thunderbird client works and I reported here all the smtp settings.

SMTP_SSL is not a currently recognized configuration parameter so it will do nothing…

But it may be lacking, as I can see this a an option in active mailer settings. I’ll try to add it for the next release and keep you updated!

ok, so it means that at the moment there’s no possibility to use smtp with SSL? Is it correct?

Starting with release 4.2.0 available today, you’ll be able to use the SMTP_TLS environment variable to solve your problem :wink:

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