Problème de Configuration SSO avec AzureAD


J’essaye de finaliser la configuration pour avoir du SSO avec Azure AD.
Voici la doc.

Voici la section.

  • As the command just prompted you, you have to re-compile the assets
    • In development, rails tmp:clear will do the job.
    • In production with Docker, rm -rf public/packs, followed by docker-compose run --rm fabmanager bundle exec rails assets:precompile
  • Then restart the web-server or the container.

Quand j’execute la commande suivante: docker-compose run --rm fabmanager bundle exec rails assets:precompile

Voici le output:
Creating fabmanager_fabmanager_run … done
Shakapacker - Automatic installation of yarn packages is deprecated
Automatic installation of yarn packages when assets are precompiled is deprecated and will be removed in Shakapacker v7.
Please ensure you are installing yarn packages explicitly before the asset compilation.
yarn install v1.22.19
warning Skipping preferred cache folder « /.cache/yarn » because it is not writable.
warning Selected the next writable cache folder in the list, will be « /tmp/.yarn-cache-1002 ».
[1/4] Resolving packages…
[2/4] Fetching packages…
[3/4] Linking dependencies…
warning « angular-bootstrap-switch > bootstrap-switch@3.4.0 » has unmet peer dependency « bootstrap@^4.3.1 ».
[4/4] Building fresh packages…
warning Cannot find a suitable global folder. Tried these: « /usr/local, /.yarn »
Done in 56.15s.
Error: EACCES: permission denied, open ‹ /.yarnrc ›
rails aborted!
NoMethodError: undefined method join' for nil:NilClass /usr/src/app/lib/provider_config.rb:23:in block in oidc_config’
/usr/src/app/lib/provider_config.rb:21:in map' /usr/src/app/lib/provider_config.rb:21:in oidc_config’
/usr/src/app/config/initializers/devise.rb:244:in block in <main>' /usr/src/app/config/initializers/devise.rb:5:in
/usr/src/app/config/environment.rb:5:in `’
Tasks: TOP => assets:precompile => webpacker:compile => environment
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

Merci pour votre aide.