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I’ve just installed Fab Manager for development. I’ve been experimenting with it but I can’t seem to figure out how to add time slots to machines. If I want to book a machine, the calendar stays empty and I can’t select a slot. This is also the case in the demo online. There, I only see time slots when I want to reserve room « SALLE DE RÉUNION 2 ». Am I missing something? How can I add time slots?
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Hello Guus,

  1. Make sure you are connected as an admin

  2. Go to « manage the calendar » in the admin panel

  3. Press and hold your mouse on a time slot (it’s quite similar to Google calendar) >

The following dialog box sould be dispalyed

I’ve just tested it on the demo site and it works. Tell us if it works for you and feel free to open a topic to introduce yourself.



Yes, I see now how it works. Thank you very much! Is there a way to make the slots automatically? That in the future each Tuesday will be devided in time slots?

No, this feature is not implemented at the moment, sorry :slight_smile:

@pascalmoutet je n’est pas l’option « space » et je n’est pas non plus trouver d’option pour ajouter des work space serais tu me dire pourquoi et comment y remédier ?

Pour activer la gestion des espaces, il faut mettre la variable FABLAB_WITHOUT_SPACES à false dans ton fichier de variables d’environnement (env sous docker ou config/application.yml si tu es en environnement de développement)

Merci pour ton retour, il y a d’autres fonctions comme celle-ci désactivées par default ?


Non c’est le seul gros module qui n’apparait pas par défaut, car il n’intéresse pas certaines structures qui mettent en place Fab Manager.



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Bonjour, we noticed that it is not possible to add the time slots in the fabmanager for the machine reservation. We checked the online demo and it does not work as well, the functionality does not work…do you have an idea why?
thank you

Reponses in français are ok.

Hi Serena,
You may not have noticed that the slots must be multiples of 1 hour. If your selection is, for exemple 2 hours and a half long, it will be rejected.

Have a nice day