Support for OpenBadges & MQTT

Bonjour from Aoteroa! (New Zealand)

I’m new to the stack & looks like a great solution to some needs we’re trying to address across several local (NFP) MakerSpaces.
Standing up a Docker instance (trying on a RPi) to evaluate how our members take to it, and hoping to get local spaces to buy into a shared sub once we know more.

One common need here - in order to take these spaces from isolated hobby-spaces to a more robust, cohesive & integrated network - is transferrable verification.

The obvious answer or solution would be micro-credentialing/micro-certification; the most widely adopted standard seeming to be Open Badges (

Some noteworthy players in this space seem to be:

Hopefully this could provide some initial mechanism so that relevant badges can be queried on a blockchain for access-control and to verify that a member is certified to safely operate a piece of equipment - doing something like scanning an NFC/BLE tag & signaling Home Assistant ( via MQTT to enable/disable a booked & authorized endpoint.

Unfortunately this is somewhat beyond my own skill-set at this time (still working on my Masters), but would kindly ask that this be something to consider for the # roadmap, as it will provide some real value to groups such as ours.

Hi Jakes,

Thanks for your interest in Fab-manager. Please do not hesitate to fill a feature request or add your vote to an existing one on the dedicated website :

Hava nice day,