Trainings record

Hi @Sylvain,

Me and @serenalugano are collecting datas from trainings we held during the last year. I am wondering, is there a way in the ‹ statistics › section to have a record of the trainings and easily get the amount we have held? This would avoid exporting the excel and manually counting them.

Also, does the number of the formation entries stand for the people who signed up for the trainings (and not necessarily attended it) or is it actually the number of people who achieved it (meaning they got the tick)?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @sofiapetraglio,

In the statistics tabs, you can have data about people that booked reservations for your trainings, we do not report statistics about people that have successfully passed the training. This could be a future improvement but we do not have any plans for this now. You can ask for it on

Concerning the amount held, the total is reported in the trainings tab as you can see below: