Upload files to projects in another CAD format

Hi everyone,

we are using nicely fabmanager at Smart Open Lab (solepcc.unex.es:8080) since some months. I am really grateful with the developers and community!!

I have just found the problem of not being allowed to upload files with some formats in the projects section. I want to upload some files of Autodesk Inventor or Libreoffice. Or a just a .zip file.

Is there any way to change this restriction? Thanks in advance for the response. Probably it is already answered but I cannot use well the « search » in french…

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Hi @AGordiGuerrero,

Yes, you can change the accepted files, configuring the ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS and ALLOWED_MIME_TYPES variables in you env file.
Please see the ralated documentation about these variables.

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It was solved editing the file:


and then:

sudo -E docker-compose up -d
sudo -E docker-compose restart fabmanager

Maybe I could do in another way, but this works! I struggled until I found the " -E" in the sudo command. Hehehe.

Thanks again!

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Another way to proceed is to add your current user to the docker group with:

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Then reopen your shell session and you’ll be able to use the docker commands without using sudo :wink:

Oh! Juste another thing… To restart your containers:

docker-compose down # stop your containers
docker-compose up -d # start your containers
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Quite more elegant… :heart_eyes: Many thanks again!